The Possessed NFT

An innovative new NFT developed by PSSSSD Labs to enhance your creativity.

Outbreak of 10,000 animated NFTs - Mint is Live



What is The Possessed?

A contained outbreak of 10,000 animated NFTs.

What do I get with the NFT?

Every Possessed NFT will include a fully animated character with 2 static pfps - one of each state (Blessed and Possessed). Holders will be able to select which state to use as their pfp.

When does The Possessed mint?

The mint will take place between April and June of 2022 - no specific date is set yet. Our focus is to create the best possible collection we can; unique traits, good variation, exciting rares and a contract that is safe and gas efficient. The mint date will be announced on all PSSSSD official accounts with plenty of notice.

What is the utility of The Possessed?

The PSSSSD lab is dedicated to enhancing your creativity. We'll be releasing a roadmap of future experiments in the coming weeks and months.


Joe @whathefurr
Artist & Co-Creator

Leading creative experiments in the Lab. Working away in a dark room to bring to life new ideas and identify the growing number of Possessed traits.

Read more about Joe here

Tom @tmw_buidls
Dev & Co-Creator

Mad scientist turned good. Heading up the technical development at pssssd labs, building state of the art technology to enhance the Possessed experience.

Read more about Tom here

Possessed NFTPossessed NFTPossessed NFT